My journey to zero waste without breaking the bank// Update #1

This is my first update on my journey to zero waste without breaking the bank.

I am starting this zero waste journey to lessen my impact on the earth and our environment, and to live a more ecologically-minded life. I believe when it comes to long term journeys, it’s best to start small and cheap. I am first starting to switch out products I use in the bathroom.

My first and easiest thing to swap is liquid soap for bar soap. I currently use a locally made goat’s milk bar of soap but as soon as my Etsy shop is up and running, I will use the soaps I create. Side note: sometimes bars of soap get nasty after you use them for awhile mostly due to being constantly soaked in water, but I’ve found that if you cut the bar into smaller pieces, it will not only last longer but it won’t get nasty and it’s easier to hold when washing your hands.

The second thing I switched was my makeup remover. Before I started on my zero-waste journey, I used to use makeup remover pads, makeup removing liquid, tissues, – you name it, I’ve probably used it. Now I just use coconut oil and reusable cotton rounds (that will eventually be for sale on my Etsy shop). Side note: buy coconut oil in bulk to save money. I have actually seen my acne, eczema, and the dark circles under my eyes fade away since starting using coconut oil.

The third thing, and the most expensive of the swaps I’ve made in the bathroom is switching for bottled shampoo to a shampoo bar. I use the Montalbano by Lush Cosmetics. It’s not exactly cheap ($11) but it smells absolutely amazing and it doesn’t dry out my hair as much as other shampoo bars I’ve tested. I also bought a metal tin by Lush. I didn’t buy the metal tin that actually goes with the shampoo bars because it simply just doesn’t fit inside.

These switches are easy to make and are an easy lifestyle change. I am looking into more ways to further my journey to zero waste without breaking the bank.


1 thought on “My journey to zero waste without breaking the bank// Update #1

  1. I’m with you on this 😀 on my face and body I only use oils… I use oil for cleaning and oils as moisturiser. As I have super short hair, I wash mostly with water only, but on the days I do use shampoos… guess what? I use Lush 😀
    I love how minimalist my bathroom routines are!

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