4 Easy Swaps to Make Your Lifestyle More Eco-Friendly

Switching to a more eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t have to break the bank or make your life more difficult. So here are four easy swaps to make your lifestyle more eco-friendly.

1.Reusable grocery bags for single use plastic bags

Reusable grocery bags are one of the easiest switches to make when moving toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle. I prefer to stay away from cheap plastic ones and use plain canvas bags (2 for $11) from amazon instead. Reusable bags are a long term investment compared to single use plastic bags that tear easily. However. Some grocers will give discounts ranging from 4-10 cents and even some will enter you in a weekly raffle for a $25 gift card each week.

2. Reusable coffee cups for single use paper cups

Disposable coffee cups are everywhere, and some even make it onto the news like Starbuck’s Christmas cups each year, but they come at a large cost to the environment. As for most coffee cups, and Starbuck’s coffee cups in particular, are not recyclable at all. These very cups  stack up in our landfills take up space and are  unable to decompose on their own. The best way to avoid this is to not use the the cup in the first place and by instead using your own to-go coffee mug such as a glass keepcup (12 oz. for $20) or a metal North 22 (18 oz. for $15). These are a bit pricier than the free cup coffee shops will give you, but luckily many chains such as Starbucks give a 10 cent discount if you bring your own cup.

3. Reusable metal/bamboo straws for plastic single use straws

Single-use plastic straws end up in our oceans in the millions, despite plastic straws are able to be recycled. Unfortunately, plastic straws are harmful to marine life and are not compostable in landfills. On the flip side though, there are reusable metal straws (4 for $7 plus a cleaning tool) and reusable compostable bamboo straws (12 for $10).

4. Compostable bamboo toothbrushes for plastic toothbrush

Compostable toothbrushes are relatively new, and a great eco-friendly swap to add in the bathroom. There are 2 main types of compostable bamboo toothbrushes: plain bamboo and charcoal infused bristles bamboo. Generally they both run for a pack of 4 for $12.



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