Schmidt’s Naturals Lavender + Sage Deodorant Stick: A Review

0Schmidt’s Naturals is a new natural beauty brand with a line of products from deodorants to toothpaste. Most natural brands don’t make it into big chain stores like Target and Urban Outfitters, but Schmidt’s Naturals has changed the game. It’s popular scents and reputation of being just as good as generic products landed Schmidt’s Naturals on the front stage of natural affordable products in the public’s eyes. So I decided to try out one of their most popular products: Schmidt’s Naturals Lavender + Sage Deodorant.

The Look

This product is very well designed, and a good price for the size. The first thing I noticed about this product that it as a deodorant and not a deodorant/antiperspirant. This is due to the fact that there is no aluminum which is the element in deodorant/antiperspirants that inhibits sweating. The deodorant itself was very dense looking and more of an off-white, rather than a straight white color of generic deodorants.

The Smell

When I bought this deodorant I could smell the scent from outside of the container and it smelled very faint. I was a bit worried that the deodorant wouldn’t cover natural body smells. It wasn’t until I opened the container when the full strength of the smell came and I loved it. The scent is just strong enough to not be pungent and overpowering. Lavender and sage are some of my favorite fragrances and Schmidt’s Naturals put them together very well.

The Feels

The first time I used this deodorant I was surprised at how dense it actually was. It felt like I was rubbing a coarse stone in my armpits, needless to say, it was not fun. After a couple uses the bar felt to be getting softer and more of the feel you would get from a generic deodorant/antiperspirant bar. Despite the coarseness of the bar has faded of weeks of use, prepare for it to feel not as soft as generic bars.

The Verdict

The more I used this bar the more I fell in love with it. I am amazed by this deodorant every day. This deodorant bar may just be a deodorant bar, I would have a hard time telling the difference in coverage if I had to bind test this bar with a deodorant/antiperspirant.


This is just a deodorant bar, not a deodorant/antiperspirant, so I found myself reapplying at night and in the morning for the best results. Additionally, this bar does not make it through sweat sessions at the gym, but it did help me smell better while at the gym though. This deodorant works best when you’re doing daily activities and not when larger amounts of sweat come into the picture.

Overall, I would recommend this product. I was very impressed with its performance, even at the gym. The smell is absolutely spot on for its duration, the depth, and strength. It doesn’t make my armpits sticky like other natural brands and feels like a generic deodorant/antiperspirant.


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