Journey to Zero Waste Without Breaking the Bank Update #3

Zero Waste Word of the Month



  1. the quality of being economical with money or food; thriftiness.

Frugality is a term that is highly underused and under-pursued, but frugality is important for anyone who is seeking a more zero-waste lifestyle. Creating less waste means that whatever you own needs to be reusable or have multiple purposes, and this can easily get out of hand when trying to make the switch. Zero waste is not about buying tons of new products because they’re trendy or everyone on Instagram has them, zero waste is about using what you have, buying a couple of things to fill in the gaps of what you don’t have, and being frugal. This month I bought a reusable grocery bag, downloaded the Kindle app, and started making and selling my own “naked” soap.

Last week I decided to try out a reusable bag called a Chicobag Vita compact that folds into a little pouch with a metal clip. For almost $10 (the variety pack of 4 is $20, a much better deal) for this bag, I was a bit worried that I had wasted my money on a cheaply made bag, but I was wrong. This bag huge and very sturdy. I wasn’t able to carry all of my groceries with this bag, but I could carry a good portion. The variety pack is much more economical than just buying one bag at a time, which I do not recommend doing.

During the holidays I was filling up my Amazon book list with books I plan on reading this year when I realized how much waste is created by purchasing new books as opposed to used books. Personally, I don’t like used books due to the fact that a lot of IMG-1248.jpgthem are damaged, some even have notes written in them, and pages are periodically dog-eared from the previous owner. I have never owned an e-book before, but the idea was intriguing until I saw the price of an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. A $120 e-book is not exactly in my price range, nor is it an economical way to read ebooks unless you have extra spending money to splurge on this product. After doing more research I found that Amazon has a free Kindle app on the iPhone app store. Better yet, if you have an Amazon account and you download the free app, you’ll receive $5 credit for any book you like. To top that, if you have an Amazon Prime account or Amazon Prime Student account, There are thousands of “free” prime books you can read on your free Kindle app and most Kindle Edition books are priced cheaper than the paperback version and are under $10. No more lugging around books anymore, nor do I have to decide to keep it on my shelf or try to sell it. This app has changed the game. All the books I need are right at my fingertips and are with me all the time. Zero waste win.

Popularized by LUSH’s soaps and shampoo bars, “naked” products are coming back into style. Unfortunately, LUSH’s products are very expensive, and for the average consumer, Chamomile+sheabutterbuying all of my bathroom product from them is not exactly feasible or frugal. With the prices of popular “naked” Lush soaps soaring to an average of $9 and their shampoo bars soaring to $10, I decided that I would make my own products, for myself, but also to sell. For my soaps, I am using a hemp oil base because hemp is one of the most sustainable, fibrous, multipurpose, and fast-growing plants in the United States. All of my products are or will be, eco-friendly and zero waste friendly.

Check out my soaps on Etsy!


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