LUSH’s Solid Shampoo Bar Montalbano: A Review

Lush’s solid shampoo bars have gained in popularity across the United States and in the zero-waste community.  Lush now has 11 shampoo bars ranging in price from ~$11-$15, so not exactly an inexpensive piece of shampoo. I bought the Montalbano shampoo bar for $11 and it was pretty pricey in my opinion.

The shampoo bar unused fits in the palm of my hand and smells absolutely amazing. It’s a very clean citrusy smell with hints of blood orange. This shampoo bar by far smells better than any other shampoo product I’ve bought. As for the smell, I give it 5/5 stars

Despite the bar smelling amazing, my hair was not a fan of it. I have straight and slightly oily hair, but this bar dried my hair to the point it felt like straw. Even after regular conditioner, it was difficult to get control of my hair. However, this shampoo really does make my hair shine. Because of how much this bar dries out my hair, I give it ⅖ stars.

A major downside of using the bar is that I have to keep the bar as dry as possible after I use it or else it will just turn into a gooey mess and eventually break into pieces. I have only used mine for less than a month and it’s already falling apart, hair is constantly stuck to it, and it becomes more liquidy the more I use it. Because of the downsides, I give it ⅖ stars.

Overall, I really want to like the Montalbano because of the great smell and that it makes my hair shine, but aside that, it has done more damage to my hair than good. Because of that, I give it the overall score of  ⅗ stars.

I would not recommend this product to anyone, especially to people who have dry hair already. This product is overpriced and its performance is very underwhelming.


1 thought on “LUSH’s Solid Shampoo Bar Montalbano: A Review

  1. howtolivezerowaste March 17, 2018 — 3:47 am

    I tried lush shampoo bar as well. It wasn’t working for me either. My head was itchy and I personally really didn’t like the smell, it gave me a headache. My husband didn’t have any problems with the shampoo bar.

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