EcoTools Eco-Friendly Makeup Shampoo: A Review

EcoTools Eco-Friendly Makeup Shampoo is an eco-friendly makeup brush cleaner and is moderately priced at $7.99 for 6 ounces on EcoTool’s website. This product is not tested on animals and vegan. The bottle is made of plastic, so it is not zero-waste friendly, but it can be recycled.

The smell of the shampoo is unexpectedly very tropical, but the scent is not too intense though. There is just enough tropical scent to smell it on your hands, but not your brushes or blenders. For the scent and the intensity, I give it ⅘ stars.

Although the smell of the shampoo is amazing, the shampoo doesn’t lather very well. I found myself having to put more shampoo on my brushes and blenders three or four times with more water before it became sudsy. For these reasons, I give it ⅗ stars.

I am very impressed by how well it cleaned my beauty blenders and my brushes. I have three beauty blenders and four brushes that I have never cleaned before using this makeup shampoo, and the shampoo cleaned both quite well. This makeup shampoo cleaned my brushes much more than it cleaned my beauty blenders, unfortunately. While my brushes were completely clean and now look as if I have never used them, my beauty blenders are now a less intense beige that spread from the ends of the beauty blender to the rest of the blender. For cleaning brushes, I give it 5 stars. As for beauty blenders, I give it ⅗ stars.

Overall, I give EcoTools Eco-Friendly Makeup Shampoo ⅘ stars because although this product is great for brushes, it doesn’t completely clean my beauty blenders. I would recommend this to people who primarily use brushes for makeup and want a vegan/cruelty-free cleaner.


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