Top 5 Apps for Minimalists

Being a minimalist can be difficult, but these apps can make your minimalist lifestyle easier. These are the apps that I found helped me the most when I was starting a minimalist lifestyle, but also after I had been a minimalist for a while too. I hope these can help you in your minimalism journey as it helped me.

1.Offer up

Offer up is a great app for beginner minimalists trying to sell their unnecessary items from home or excess clothing. When I first started living a minimalist lifestyle, I heavily IMG-1393relied on Offer Up and apps similar to sell unwanted clothing, furniture, and decor. With these apps, I was able to sell most of my unwanted items and clothing, but there was some left behind, so I donated the rest of my clothing to a clothing donation center in my town and sold the rest of my items in a garage sale.


This list app is one of my favorites because of its sleek design and the functionality of it. I IMG-1394 (1)find this extremely helpful when I go shopping for clothes or just if I need to keep track of my day. The design is very aesthetically pleasing, especially comparing it to apple apps. This app is an essential app for anyone who needs to keep track of their things.

3.Amazon Kindle


Sometimes it is difficult being a book lover but also wanting to switch to a minimalist lifestyle, but with the Amazon Kindle app, you can have all your books in one place all IMG-1395 (1)the time. This Kindle app free but you can also buy an e-book reader on Amazon starting from $100. This app is perfect for people who have busy days or travel a lot but want to maintain a minimalist lifestyle and love reading. Buying Kindle versions of books help me to save money in the long run because most of the books I download are Kindle Prime books or are less than $10. If you would like more information about the Kindle app and my thoughts on it, check out my other blog post Journey to Zero Waste without Breaking the Bank Update #3.

4.Minimalism amino

This social media app is great for beginner or veteran minimalists. Whether you need ideas on how to minimize something or if you just want to brag about your progress, IMG-1396 (1)this app is for you. I use this app to find new ideas to organize my things or just connect with other minimalists. When starting a new lifestyle it’s great to have a community to support you in your life-changing decisions.

5.No Waste – food inventory list

No Waste is a food inventory tracking app that not only tracks what you have in your fridge, freezer, and pantry but how long it will last and when you need to buy more of it. This app is especially good for minimalists on a budget, like myself. IMG-1397 (1)This is an essential app for everyone because it helps to save money, to minimize waste and excess food.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Apps for Minimalists

  1. Great idea on the apps.


  2. Great ideas – I am starting to dip my toes into minimalist ideas so this was helpful for me!


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