Zero-Waste Essentials: Yoga

I love yoga, and I have been doing yoga consistently for quite a while now, but recently I started my journey to zero waste. After months of trial and error, I found the best ways and products to continue my zero waste and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Yoga Mats

I found that Manduka Yoga has the best eco-friendly and zero waste yoga mats at an affordable price. Manduka’s eKO, eKO Lite, and eKo SuperLite are all made from durable and sustainable natural rubber and are made with zero waste. Due to the natural rubber material, these mats are non-slip. The best mat in my opinion, for people who primarily practice in a yoga studio or on a hard surface inside, is the eKo Lite mat because it’s slightly lighter and much more affordable than the full sized eKO mat. For those who travel a lot or need a lightweight mat to fit in a suitcase or bag, the eKo SuperLite is best because it is the lightest and slimmest of the eKo mats and it is very affordable compared to other eKo mats.

Yoga Bags/Straps

The best yoga mat bag is the RoryTory yoga mat bag. This bag is not particularly or specifically eco-friendly, but it is one of the few higher quality yoga mat bags that are durable, affordable, machine washable, and fits most, if not all, yoga mats. The Manduka commuter yoga strap is the best affordable eco-friendly yoga strap made of cotton and naturally sustainable material.   

Workout Towel

Just about any hand towel works for workouts, but they don’t work as well as the Manduka eQua hand towel specifically designed for hot yoga sessions. The towel is made of recyclable fabric and that package is made of 100% post-consumer PET plastic. I use this towel for everything at the gym, not just hot yoga. 

Reusable Water Bottle

Metal reusable water bottles are a zero-wasters staple, especially in yoga. In yoga, plastic water bottles drop, fall, and crack. The best way to go is a durable metal water bottle like Klean Kanteen’s growler and 27 oz. bottle, or Sip’s 23 oz. water bottle. These bottles are durable metal and sustainable. They will keep your water cold for hours and, if you’re like me, it will keep your hot tea hot for hours too.

Sustainable Yoga Clothing

Outdoor Voices is a chic and sustainable yoga clothing brand. They’re a relatively new brand taking the high end yoga clothing market by storm. I love this brand, their outfits are cute and I can feel good about wearing it. They have a line of seamless yoga pants that significantly reduce waste during assembly. For more information on the sustainability details of Outdoor Voices, check out my other post: Outdoor Voices: Brand Review.

Sustainable Yoga Props

Props aren’t always necessary, but they are nice to have when trying different, more difficult poses. I personally prefer to have my props look aesthetically pleasing, so Manduka’s cork block is a great addition to your yoga arsenal. If aesthetics aren’t as big of a deal for you and would prefer a cheaper prop, Manduka’s recycled block is the block for you.


2 thoughts on “Zero-Waste Essentials: Yoga

  1. This is great!!! I need to replace my yoga mat and I was wondering how to do it sustainably! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Have you seen Suga mats? Made from recycled wetsuits. I’m pretty sure my current mat has a lot more life in it, but I quite fancy giving one of these a go. One day. I’ve seen lots of the other products, I use my props a lot but they are also servicing me well. It’s finding ways to re-use them when they have done their intended job that concerns me.


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