4 Easy Ways to Start Minimizing Your Food Waste

Food waste is a rampant problem as the western world grows to be more affluent. Food is wasted at almost every step of the process, but we as people waste a large percentage of that. Here are four easy ways to start minimizing your food waste.

1.Make only what need

I will admit, I am guilty of making too much food and having too many leftovers to eat. However much fun it is to make too much food in the kitchen, it’s not worth the amount of waste it creates. Fortunately, with Pinterest and many recipes on the internet, you can more precisely make how much you need. Many websites and books are dedicated to “meals for one” or “meals for two,” making it incredibly easy to make only what you need.

2.Use your leftovers

Leftovers are basically inevitable, but there are ways to not let those leftovers to go to waste. By carefully making lists of what you need at the grocery stores, you can avoid some leftovers before it happens. However, apps like The Leftovers App or Leftovers! allow you to help minimize the amount of food-waste created when you have leftovers.

3.Give to food pantries

Have some extra cans that you may never use? Give to a food pantry! Take some time to look through where you keep your cans/bulk food items, and if you haven’t eaten the food in the past month, give it to a food pantry. It’s a win-win situation: you can minimize your amount of food waste and someone in need will be able to use the food.


Composting is an easy way to eliminate your leftovers or excess food, and land is not required to compost anymore. Many portable composting bins are available on the market such as Utopia Composting Bins, which makes it easy to compost in an apartment. Although composting is very easy, there are some foods that cannot be composted such as meats, dairy and dairy byproducts, bones, grease, oils, fish, or non-food products.


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