Minimalist and Ethical Swimwear Brands to Wear This Summer

Finding minimalist and ethical swimwear can be tough. Here are 5 of the best minimalist and ethical swimwear brands:

1.Vitamin A

Founded in 2000, Vitamin A focuses on feminine and sustainable swimwear. Vitamin A specializes in American made bikinis and one-pieces and produces their swimwear with their signature EcoLux fabric, made of post-consumer recycled nylon. Rocking the west coast vibes from California, Vitamin A makes sexy, sustainable, and home-grown swimwear.


Committed to sustainability, Glamaar takes slow-fashion and conscious consumerism very seriously. Using recycled materials for their tags and packaging materials, and pad inserts made in Los Angeles, they reduce their carbon footprint and the energy needed to transport their swimwear. Galamaar’s signature sustainability feature is their nylon fabric made from old and discarded fish nets.


Hitting the runways with full force, Vaute is a high-end brand for the conscious fashionista. However, unlike other brands, this sustainable brand is committed to keeping it cruelty-free. Motivated by kindness, Vaute makes all of their swimwear vegan.


Amara takes sustainability very seriously, pledging to not only have sustainable fabric but to support Mexican communities by giving fair wages. Their signature sustainable fabric is made of post-consumer plastic and plastic waste from the ocean, as well as being made in an eco-friendly Italian factory.


Founded in the early 2010’s, Faherty began as a company based on uniqueness and sustainable fabrics. Aside from making their clothes from scratch and using indigo to dye some of their clothing, their products are made in the United States. Faherty’s sustainable signature is their swimwear made from primary post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles.


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