Decluttering After a Year in College Dorms

After living in dorms for nine months, you will probably have a lot of items you’ll never have any use for again. However, dorm life doesn’t have to be a stab in your minimalist journey in college. Here are three major things you can declutter after living in dorms:


Dorm life can come with some great minimalist side effects like small closets and limited storage space. This can come in very handy when trying to minimize your belongings in college. To start, get rid of anything you didn’t bring with you and that you didn’t miss throughout the year. If you didn’t use it for almost an entire year, you probably don’t need to be holding on to it. There may also be clothing that you brought with you, but never actually wore at all. Declutter that too. Finally, get rid of anything that doesn’t fit anymore. Whether it’s too big or too small, there’s no need to keep clothing you can’t physically wear.

Dorm Essentials

Dorms require many things that you will unlikely use again after that year like twin XL sheets, shower caddies, whiteboards, and mini-fridges. These items are always needed by incoming freshmen which makes these fairly easy to declutter. Dorm items can be sold on places like Mercari, OfferUp, or Letgo, or given to a friend or family members who will be in college soon.


Classes are over and summer is here! The summer is the best time to declutter old syllabi and pens from the last two semester. This is also a great time to recycle used notebooks and classwork papers. When decluttering academic items, remember to try to recycle as much as possible to lower the impact of these items on the environment.


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